Squash  0.7.0
Class Hierarchy
This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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 C_SquashObjectReference-counting base class for other types
 CSquashOptionsA set of compression/decompression options
 CSquashStreamCompression/decompression streams
 C_SquashOptionInfoEnumStringMapAn item in a map of strings to integer values
 C_SquashStreamPrivatePrivate data for streams
 CSquashCodecA compression/decompression codec
 CSquashCodecImplFunction table for plugins
 CSquashContextContext for all Squash operations
 CSquashOptionInfoInformation about options which can be passed to a codec
 CSquashOptionInfoEnumIntA list of potential integer values
 CSquashOptionInfoEnumStringA list of strings which are mapped to integer values
 CSquashOptionInfoRangeIntA range of potential integer values
 CSquashOptionInfoRangeSizeA range of potential size values
 CSquashOptionValueA value
 CSquashPluginA plugin